Perspectives Common Interest Groups

ISR Reads

ISR Reads is a social justice book club. Its purpose is to promote diversity and inclusion by reading great books that are applicable to current challenges in our world. They read books on a quarterly basis about challenging and difficult topics – prison reform – discrimination – poverty – inequality and today gentrification. ISR Read’s goal is to take the insight from the books to enrich our experience and use the knowledge in their everyday lives at home, in the community and at work. Past Books include, “Just Mercy”, “An American Marriage”, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and “What the Eyes Don’t See”.

The current selection is “I promise not to tell: Raising a Transgender Child by Cheryl Evans”. This book is a memoir of Cheryl Evans and her husband Jim learning that what their daughter desired most in the world was to be a boy. We will read their deeply personal story and learn how they supported their transgender child’s transition from female to male. Books are available to be signed out at ISR Thomson SRC 1318 and the Perry Receptionist desk.

For more information on ISR Reads and to join the group please contact Rita Bantom, ISR Reads Chair at

A Loose Knit Group

Our objectives are to provide camaraderie while doing our needlework, to improve our facility with our crafts by learning from one another, and to contribute to the wider community by producing objects for charity.

Contact: Kathy Keeton


The Cricuteers meets to share ideas and techniques of how to use the Cricut cutting machine in various applications, such as in papercrafting and vinyl graphics.  The purpose of the Cricuteers is to learn from one another and explore various design techniques, tools, and media to maximize the utility of the Cricut cutting machine.  Using Cricut Design Studio, Sure Cuts A Lot 2, and other software applications, the Cricuteers convert ideas into finished products.  All experience levels are welcome.

Contact: Andrea Pierce

Essential Oils

This group gets together during lunch time. We learn what essential oils can help with and we discuss what we have been using them for so we can all learn from each other.

Contact: Stacey Bruestle

French Group

To learn, maintain, and practice the French language and culture.

Contact: Bill Connett


Our purpose is to collaborate and share knowledge and resources in order to foster learning and success in discovering our family trees and better understand Genealogy and its uses.

Contact: Kathleen O’Sullivan Cook

ICPSR Book Club

Our members select a list of 6-8 books to read, and then read one book per month, and meet to discuss it. When we have finished a list, we proceed to create a new one (members suggest titles, and then they are selected by open voting). Our group has been active for over 10 years, and it has greatly contributed to developing a sense of community at ISR/ICPSR.

Contact: Sanda Ionescu

ISR Feeds

To assist Washtenaw county organizations in alleviating poverty.

Contact: Wendi Fornoff

ISR Fitness Group

The ISR Fitness group was founded nearly nine years ago and continues the tradition of giving ISR members an opportunity to engage in moderate physical activity during their daily routines at work.  We hold two types of classes, one higher impact cardio yoga class (Tuesday at 12 noon) and two lower impact yoga/pilates classes (Wednesday and Thursday at 12 noon).

Contact: Nick Prieur

ISR Photographers

ISR Photographers seeks to connect ISR employees who are interested in or enjoy photography with one another to share their work as well as photography tips and tricks.

Contact: Kelsey Zimmerman

ISR Vegetarians

ISR Vegetarians is a forum for ISR employees who want to practice vegetarianism or veganism to socialize and discuss topics of common interest.

Contact: Ashok Bhargav

ISR Volunteer Initiative

In an effort to create more team building opportunities across varying departments, and make a difference in our communities, we have started the ISR Volunteer Initiative. We plan to meet monthly (or bimonthly) outside of work hours to volunteer with different community organizations. If this is something you would be interested in please email us!

Contact: Joyce French

Loose Threads at ISR

The members of Loose Threads at ISR share sewing tasks, ideas, expertise, and inspirations. We’re interested in making quilts, clothing, accessories and more. Our two main themes are working on projects and learning new skills from each other, classes, magazines and videos.  We spend some of our time making useful items for other people.  We meet the first and third Fridays of each month at noon.  We alternate between ISR and Perry since our members are in both buildings.

Contact: Susan Leonard

Thompson Not So Serious Book Club

Book discussion of fiction or mystery best sellers.

Contact: Donna Walter