When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.


Maya Angelou

Stories of Gratitude

These stories were shared by participants in our focus groups and others who have submitted stories independently. Please share a story of how you experience gratitude in your life. Submitted stories will be reviewed before posting to ensure confidentiality is maintained.

Being aware of what you have been given, thinking of the here and now, having a sense of hopefulness.

Anonymous, age 70

Gratitude is first the recognition that each of us has received benefits in life that we may not have earned or deserved. Secondly, it’s an appreciation of benefits that we receive. Thirdly, it’s a demonstration to other that we recognize their efforts.

Anonymous, age 66

The feeling of being connected to another and knowing that you two have warm feelings related to helping. Being aware of the depth and sincerity of another person, as they provide you with something you may not have expected.

Anonymous, age 95

Gratitude is a feeling and a practice. It is easy to be grateful for the pleasant things in your life, but saying ‘thank you’ in the difficult times is the most rewarding experience of all. If you can do that then you will always be okay.

Kelly, Age 41